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Templot  -  Live Help Screen

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Live Help Screen for Templot.

If you can see anything below when you click the  >  Play button, it is a live broadcast stream from my computer.

If it is showing Templot running, you can post live help requests and support questions in the Templot Chat Room below, or on the Templot Club forum in advance. I will do my best to respond, and demonstrate the answers.

Please ask on Templot Club for more about this feature, and times when it will be live. See also the video archive of previous live sessions.


show the Templot Chat Room

You can post live comments and questions in the Templot Chat Room - click the link above to show or hide the chat room.

Password: to enter the chat room you will need the room password.

In the Templot program, click the utils > metric/scale calculator menu item:

The room password is the word on a green background.

You can watch the stream full-screen by clicking the icon at the bottom-right corner of the stream.

If necessary to get the stream started, press CTRL+F5 in your browser, or click or tap whatever is needed on your device to Refresh the page. You may need to do this more than once to keep it running if it seems to have frozen or the buffering roundel is rotating for a long time.

If you would prefer to watch the stream in a separate browser window, hold down the SHIFT key and click here . You can zoom the image by resizing the width of the window.

To open the Templot Chat Room in a separate tab, click https://www.chatzy.com/templot

Thanks for watching.


were looking at this page when you arrived. Refresh the page to update the count. Clicking the link takes you to an external web site showing advertising over which I have no control.

link to this page: https://templot.com/companion/live_screen.php