Templot Click-Guide Videos

Watch these screen videos to see how to perform various tasks in Templot. Use them as tutorials by stopping and starting the playback, and repeating the actions in Templot as you go.

New videos are frequently being added. So visit this page often to find them, or see the messages about them on Templot Club .

First are two short videos showing the basics of Templot. These videos will run directly in your browser when you click on them:

Click to watch this video
Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create and print a turnout construction template in any gauge. This one is in EM gauge. Click template video to see the printed template and watch how it was created.

Click to watch this video
Watch this video from Templot to see how easy it is to create a track plan. This one is just a small part of a larger layout and uses a rough sketch as a background guide.

Here below is the result with the tracks aligned over the sketch. The plan is ready to be printed out as detailed construction templates.
Click to watch this video
Click track plan video to watch this track plan being created.

The longer videos listed below are stand-alone executable files for downloading. Right click on the links, select the "Save Target/Link As.." menu item and navigate to a suitable folder on your system to receive them (e.g. My Documents). When download is complete select "Open" and you can safely ignore any warnings. To repeat the video at a later date, double-click on the saved file.

To start and stop playback of the video, press the keyboard space bar. While stopped you can move back and forth one frame at a time by pressing the arrow keys. Or use the top slider device to find a specific frame. Right-click on the image for more options. You can drag the video window by grabbing on the image.

In the video, red expanding circles round the mouse pointer indicate a left-button click on the mouse -- blue expanding circles indicate a right-button click.

 These videos were mostly made for Templot versions 078e or 082d. In Templot2 you may see some differences. If you are still using 074b, please upgrade to Templot2 before attempting to follow the videos.

 A few of the videos have background music, but otherwise they are silent. Please ignore the volume controls.

 Some of the videos are "scruffy", meaning that they were done quickly in response to a discussion on Templot Club, and have not had hesitations and mouse fumblings edited out, or many explanatory notes added. For detailed static tutorial sequences with full explanations, see also the click-guide tutorials.

insert a turnout in plain track    3.8MB

return loop    7.1MB

simple oval - method 1    1.9MB

simple oval - method 2    2.4MB

· new     single slip    for Templot2   21MB (in FBR format for the Templot Video Player)

working with substitution radius    7.1MB

setting up narrow-gauge templates    12.0MB

turntable - part 1    2.1MB

turntable - part 2    7.7MB

3-way tandem turnouts    11.3MB

fixing start of transition zone    3.8MB

linking to the notch    11.1MB

simple transitioned corner    1.1MB

overlaid track on a scan    (long) 28.5MB

weaving track between obstructions    3.6MB

overlaid track on a rough sketch    7.9MB

recording radius within a transition    3.8MB

picture shape -- display a scanned track plan as a background guide    39MB (broadband only)

widely-spaced crossover    2.5MB

zoom-free mode for single templates    8MB

using template marker colours    3.8MB

using 'make transition' into a parallel platform    5MB

adjusting the size and position of printed template pages    2.8MB

Watch this list for new additions.

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