The Templot chat room is a way to make instant contact with other Templot users. There is a fair chance that somewhere in the world at least one fellow modeller is using Templot at the same time as you. So if you get stuck or want to check something or share an idea, putting your head round the door of the Templot chat room might just be worth doing and is a great way to meet other users and get instant help. The Templot chat room runs on the simple and safe Chatzy system, with no advertising.

To prevent any spamming, The Templot chat room is password protected. The password is easily found. In Templot, click the tools > metric / scale calculator menu item. The password is the word on a green background (all in lower case).

(If you are not a Templot user and would like to visit the Templot chat room, please email me for the password.)


Click this link to visit the  Templot chat room .

Enter your name and the password, and say hello!  Bookmark the link now.


The Templot chat room is intended for instant contact and the content is not archived. For more detailed permanent discussions with images and file attachments please join the Templot Club user forums.

The Chatzy system is fairly basic, but has the great advantage that it doesn't require any software downloads, plug-ins or active controls. So there are no risks of spyware or viruses, and no advertising. You are not required to supply any personal information, not even your email address. It is entirely safe and works in your normal web browser.

If you find the Chatzy system is slow at times, it can help to swap to a secure connection.

Chatzy is based in Denmark. For more information see W3 Ventures.

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