Templot Update                              

There is a download button at the bottom of this, but please read these notes first.

Templot2 program update.   Version 215a.    6th September 2017.

If you are already using Templot2, please ignore this green section.

If you are still using a pre-Templot2 version (TemplotZero, withdrawn in 2011) there is no need to uninstall it. You can continue to use it if you wish at any time. Templot2 is an entirely separate program (with many new features). Your old data files can be used in Templot2 -- see below for how to find them. But don't use files saved from Templot2 in your old program, you may get unexpected results.

If this is your first time using Templot2, please read through:


to see all the changes from the previous versions of Templot.

For Templot2 the default installation program folder has changed to

Previous versions were installed in the
C:\TEMPLOT\ program folder, with your files in the C:\TEMPLOT\BOX-FILES\  and C:\TEMPLOT\SHAPE-FILES\ sub-folders.

You can use this menu item to access your old .box data files:


This is what you need to do now:

1. Close down your existing Templot2 program if it is running.

2. Close the Templot Video Player if it is open.

3. Download the setup file by clicking the green button below. Templot program updates do not install automatically, so you must:

4. Run (open) the downloaded file to install it. I recommend that you leave the default C:\TEMPLOT_DEV\ installation folder unchanged, or create a similar folder elsewhere on your computer.

(What you should not do is create a folder in or under the Windows C:\Program Files\ folders, otherwise Templot may not be able to run properly. )

5. Run the newly installed Templot2 program by clicking the desktop icon.

6. Templot2 will then go online to contact the Templot web site and check that it is the latest version. So you need to be online at the time. If you have a firewall you may need to give the program permission to connect.

Templot2 will do this every time you start the program. Once under way the internet connection is no longer needed. This means you can use the Hibernate function on your laptop computer if you need to use Templot where no internet connection is available.

Enjoy using Templot2.

But do please remember that it is still unfinished (and probably always will be) -- many of the links to the help notes do not yet go anywhere, and the old help notes and tutorials in the Templot Companion are now very out of date. A new Templot Companion site has been started at:


but as yet it is barely begun.

After downloading Templot2 you may see a security warning likes this:

You can safely ignore this. Click the Run button. Templot2 is safe to run and will not harm your computer.

In Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 you may see something like this:

Click the More info link. You should then see something like this:

Click the Run anyway button.

· If you use Norton anti-virus on your computer, before downloading please see:


Templot2   version 215a    Build: # 11585    6th September 2017


· If you have the Templot Video Player open, please remember to close it before running the downloaded file to install this update. Likewise your Templot program.