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Video List

Here is the full list of Templot screen videos.   (page under construction)

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Templot For You? - videos demonstrating Templot for intending users

video: your first printed template      page: output - your first printed template

video: a simple track plan      page: track planning - a simple track plan


Templot Explained - video clips for beginners

video: Templot Explained - first off      page: Templot Explained - 4

video: Templot Explained - hand and direction      page: Templot Explained - 4



Tutorial Videos - longer detailed videos

video: single slip - manual and irregular   note: for regular slips see page: how to ... create slips

video: second turnout close behind first      page: how to ... fit a second turnout close behind first



Scruff Videos - unedited videos created quickly to answer questions

video: curved double-junction      how to create a sharply diverging double-junction  

video: diamond-crossing in a transition curve      how to insert a diamond-crossing within a transition




Old Videos - from earlier versions of Templot





page under construction

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