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This page is under construction. In the meantime, please go to old tutorials page.

These step-by-step tutorial sequences show you how to use Templot2 and provide links to the detailed notes about each topic. You can ignore the links for a first run through and simply follow the tutorial sequence.

Some of these tutorials contain videos and animations in Flash format. Most browsers now include the required Flash Player to display them, but if not instructions to download the player should appear.

In most cases the video is also available as a separate downloadable program which will play in all versions of Windows. This is a better way to watch the video because you can easily minimize it or drag it out of way, follow it one frame at a time forwards or back, and have several such videos on screen or minimized to be paused or played as required. You can save them on your computer and play them as often as you wish without needing an internet connection.

Templot2 tutorials:

1. a first look round the workpad

2. about turnouts, switches and V-crossings

3. printing and understanding your first template

4. a closer look at the workpad, zooming, panning, grid and ruler

5. creating a simple track plan

6. printing and exporting a track plan

7. adding background shapes

8. converting a track plan to a full layout diagram on the sketchboard

9. about regular diamonds, K-crossings  and slips

10. about irregular diamonds and double-junctions

11. about tandem 3-ways, scissors and using partial templates

12. entering data and keeping a journal on the jotter

13. using a scanned picture shape as a guide plan

14. more advanced track planning

15. customizing templates to prototype data

16. using Templot with CAD, vector data and metafiles

link to this page: http://templot.com/companion/tutorials.html