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Templot Live

At pre-arranged times the box at the bottom of this page will contain a live feed from my computer screen showing Templot running. I will do my best to show you how to use Templot. Thanks for watching.

Above it is the Templot chat room, where you can enter requests for help and ideas while the live feed is showing. To find the room password, in Templot go to [ tools > metric calculator ] and note the word on a green background.

If the feed shows "currently no live stream available" please try again later. Note that it won't start automatically if it does subsequently become available. You must click on it and then press the CTRL+F5 keys to refresh the page, or alternatively close the page and re-open it.

For more information and times please refer to the Templot Club forum, where you can request subjects to be covered. Martin.

link to this page: http://templot.com/companion/templot_live.html