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To create a single or double slip, click the [ tools > make slip > ] menu items:

For more information click the [ tools > make slip > ? make slip - help ] menu item:

The above function creates a regular slip, that is one having all crossing angles equal. To learn more about how slips are created you may want to watch the video below, although you don't need to follow it, the above functions do it all for you.


If you wish to add slip roads to an irregular diamond-crossing, in which the crossing angles differ, you can do so manually by following this video tutorial:


  The video visible below is in Adobe Flash format. It may take a few seconds to load. Adobe Flash isn't supported on all devices.


If you prefer you can download the same video as an FBR file to play in the Templot Video Player. You will then be able to watch the video at any time without being online to the internet or needing Adobe Flash. Download the file from: single slip video in FBR format


If neither of the above formats is supported on your device (some Apple products), the video is also available
as: streamed MP4 format (With degraded MP4 image quality unfortunately. Tap the Play button after each pause.)



  To see the video below you may need to widen this panel to full screen by clicking the blue arrow at the top of the Contents list on the left. Click the return arrow to see the Contents list again.


  On a small screen you may need to press the F11 key to go to full-screen in your browser.



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