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A temporary guide to finding lots more Templot information is at: currentĀ documentationĀ list .

These pages are intended to build into an updated replacement for the 15-year-old existing Templot Companion web site, and also to integrate much of the useful information which has appeared on the Templot Club user forum and the Templot Email Group before it.

There is little here yet, so please come back often to see how it is progressing.

How to use this web site:


Click items in the Contents list on the left to read each topic page.

To use this web site as a User Manual for Templot, please read the pages in the order listed. You can move quickly to the next or previous page by clicking the green arrows  at the top right of your screen.  

The headings in the Contents list will expand and shrink as you move through them. Or you can click the and symbols to expand or shrink each section in advance.

At present there are some dummy items as place-holders for future pages. Many more items will be added as this site develops.

Topic page

This right-hand panel displays the text for each topic page of the Templot Companion.

Items underlined in blue like this can be clicked to jump to a different topic page. Click the Back button in your browser, or press the BACKSPACE key on the keyboard, to jump back to where you were.

Items shown in violet like this can be clicked to visit a different web site.

Items shown in square brackets [ in blue like this ] are things in the Templot program to be clicked on the screen. Clicking them here won't do anything.

Items shown in blue typewriter style LIKE THIS  are keys to be pressed on the keyboard in the Templot program. Pressing them here won't do anything.

Items emphasized like this are specific terms in Templot which you will come across often.

Items shown in a green panel like this are handy hints and tips to help you get the most from Templot.

In places there are some spanner (wrench) symbols to indicate the type of information:

about getting started with Templot and general information about the Templot program. A stroll in the Templot park.

more detailed information about using Templot. A longer walk around Templot country.

for more experienced users containing information about the finer details of Templot and the more advanced functions. An expedition to explore the whole of Templot.

 A-Z Index 

Click the A-Z Index key icon to see the full A-Z alphabetic index.

By clicking the A to Z letters on the top row you can jump quickly to the relevant part of the list. Clicking a coloured item in the list will display the relevant topic page here.

Every topic page has several entries in the index, so you should be able to find what you are looking for without knowing the exact terminology.


Click the Search icon to search these topic pages for specific words.

This Guide

Click This Guide in the Contents list to return to this page at any time.

More detailed instructions and usage hints for this web site will appear here in due course.

To change the text size, use CTRL+ROLL on the mouse wheel.

If you are viewing on a desktop computer you may want to press the F11 key to go to the full screen view. Press it again to return to the normal browser view. This web site is being frequently updated. Press the F5 key to reload it and make sure you are seeing the latest update.


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