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picture shapes  -  crop/combine function

picture shapes  -  crop/combine function

This function is used to crop or combine one or more picture shapes. A single picture shape can be cropped smaller, or several picture shapes can be combined into a single picture shape.

Here 2 screen-grabs from OS 25" maps have been scaled (sized) to match, and aligned one over the other.

A new background rectangle shape has then been drawn over them (the red rectangle):

At this stage it is a normal rectangle shape, and can be shifted or re-sized in the usual way.

Now we can use the crop/combine function:

1. select the rectangle shape on the list.

2. click the [ modify shape ] tab.

3. click the [ crop/combine picture shapes ] button.

This is the result:

The rectangle has been converted to a picture shape, containing a copy of the underlying picture shapes.

We can now if we wish delete the original picture shapes:


The crop/combine function retains the full resolution of the original picture shapes, as can be seen when zoomed in:


The great advantage of having a single picture shape instead of several is that it can now have further functions applied to it more easily. You may want to shift it to a new position, re-size it, wrap it onto a curve, etc.

Here for example I first twisted it by -35 degrees to a more convenient alignment using the [ twist... ] button, and then used [ crop/combine ] again to reduce it to a more manageable size.

I have then set it [ show transparent ] and started aligning tracks over it. A C-9 turnout is found to fit for the trailing connection from the Goods Yard:


The advantage of performing these picture shape functions in Templot rather than a graphics editor program is that the scaling and full resolution is maintained.


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