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Trap points are provided where goods trains and vehicles could run away and get onto passenger running lines. They are not usually provided where passenger lines interconnect. The intention is to stop the runaway vehicle before it can foul the running line.  

Many trap points are implemented as catch points rather than as a full turnout and spur or sand drag. This may derail the vehicle and damage the track, but that is far preferable to a collision.

Creating a set of catch points means shortening a turnout template to contain only the switch part. You can do that manually using the F4 mouse action, or click the [ do > snap to catch points ] menu item.

This downloadable video shows how to insert a set of catch points in your track plan:


Sometimes a catch point consists of a single switch blade instead of a full set of points. In that case simply omit the unwanted rail -- click the [ do > omit rails and joint marks... ] menu item ( CTRL+O ):

Then untick the [ turnout-road crossing rail ] tickbox:

There is more about trap and catch points on Templot Club at:



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