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Templot Explained  -  4. where do I start?

4. where do I start?

Templot is a tool for track builders.

Like all tools, where you start depends on what you want to do with it, and how much you already know.

1. construction templates

You may want to print out individual track construction templates. If so, have a look at your first printed template for some help getting started.

You probably already know the basics of UK pointwork geometry. You may want to jump to the Prototype section to learn about customizing a template to a specific prototype.

2. track planning

Before printing any templates you may want to design a layout track plan. If so, read on below.

Templot's methods for doing that differ considerably from other model track planning software. It's all quite straightforward, but possibly not quite what you were expecting.

But before starting on a simple track plan, there are some basic functions to learn. Here again is the first screen, showing a turnout template.


The first thing to try is to see what you can do with this turnout template as it stands. Quite a lot, actually.

Let's try roaming this turnout. Here is the first video to watch, and then try yourself:

click for info about viewing this videoHow to see this video


Before trying more mouse actions, there are some other buttons to learn and try. Here is another video:


You can have both videos running at the same time, and while using Templot.

Or even have multiple copies of the same video running, each paused at a different frame.

Each one will open in its own window, clickable from the Windows taskbar. They are not part of this browser web page, which can be closed or minimized out of the way. If you want to watch the videos again at a later date, they will play immediately from the green buttons above. You won't have to wait for them to download again.



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