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Templot Explained - 4        where do I start?

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4. where do I start?

The first thing to try is to see what you can do with this turnout template. Quite a lot, actually.

Let's try roaming this turnout. Here's the first video to watch, and then try yourself.

Click the button below to start the video. It will open in a new window, so that you can continue to read this page in this window.

On Android mobile devices, you need to be viewing this web site in Google Chrome and not the native Browser, otherwise the videos may not pause at each stage for you to read the notes. Tap the Google icon to find the Google Chrome app.  

While you are following this video in Templot you will probably see this message pop up:

Templot can do any scale or track gauge. But on the screen they all look very similar, so it is easy to forget to set your required scale and gauge before you start. Track plans can be converted to a different scale or gauge afterwards, but for geometrical reasons the conversion is seldom entirely perfect. For this reason it is much better to start as you mean to go on, and set your required scale and gauge before you begin.

If you don't do that, Templot shows the above reminder message after a few minutes running. Left to itself Templot starts up in an unusual gauge called T-55 (5.5 mm/ft, 1 inch track gauge). Almost no-one models this gauge, so it is a reasonable assumption after a few minutes that you have forgotten to set your gauge.

We will come back to the gauge settings later. But for now I suggest you click the blue bar [ continue with T-55 gauge ] to continue following the video without interruptions.

You will see this style of message often in Templot, with various coloured bars to click in making your chosen response.

If you are viewing this on the computer where you have Templot, you can watch the video in better image quality directly in Templot. Simply click the [ help > watch a video > Templot Explained  first off ] menu item:

If it is not showing on the menu, restart Templot or click the [ help > obtain video list ] menu item, and try again.



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