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Templot Explained - 3                what am I looking at?

3. what am I looking at?

So Templot generates and prints templates. There are just three basic types of template in Templot:

1. plain track templates:

A length of plain track.

2. turnout templates:

A length of plain track into which a turnout has been inserted somewhere along it. Only one turnout per template.

3. half-diamond templates:

A length of plain track into which half of a diamond-crossing has been inserted at one end. These templates are almost always used in pairs to create a full diamond-crossing or slip, like this:

Let's forget about half-diamond templates for now. There is a lot to learn about turnout templates first.

But note in passing that this diamond-crossing is curved, like everything else in Templot. When you want something to be straight, Templot simply increases the radius to a very large number.

What you are probably looking at is this:

When Templot starts up the template generator engine starts running, and initially it creates a left-hand B-6 turnout template, curved onto 10 chains radius. We shall come back to what all that means later.

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